My name is Steven. I'm a university student majoring in Literature and possibly minoring in History. I post/reblog mostly male models, provocative stuff, and things dealing with Europe or that I just find funny. I own nothing unless otherwise stated and this blog is probably NSFW.
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Check out my latest blog post about memoirs, and how we can learn from the struggles of others.

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Jake Bass by Andy Long Hoang


Jake Bass by Andy Long Hoang

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I'm gay & have boyfriend. he likes to fap, nothing to do with me. We've been in this relationship so loong time and we always open about each other. Just sometimes i feel bothered if he fap too much in front of me, not because of anything, just i want to enjoy and suddenly in front of you, someone's fapping. Kinda illfeel. I've been telling this, but he thinks that i am jealous. What should i do next? Any advice? asked by Anonymous

Um, I really don’t know what to tell you here.  If it’s something that you’re not comfortable with and you’ve already explained it to him, and he just doesn’t get it or doesn’t care, then you need to be firmer with him.  If he does it again just get up and leave, which will let him know that you’re not kidding about it.  Otherwise the only real choices you have are to either just accept it or to dump him, if it’s something that really bothers you.  It might seem like a small thing, but if your partner doesn’t care enough to alter something they know genuinely bothers you then that should be a red flag that maybe they don’t care as much about you as you wish they did.